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Dating sites without registration



register on dating site


Dating without registration is a myth! Yes, of course, dating sites without registration exist. However, is it worth using them, if you really want real dates? I believe it isn’t.


Such popular dating sites as, for example, AdultFriendFinder, AdultDateLink or AmateurMatch, which have a lot of users require registration!


In addition, we aren’t talking about a paid registration. You can use those sites for free!


Read the whole article and you’ll understand why it’s better to spend a couple of minutes for registration.


It’s difficult to explain a reason why several people prefer free dating sites without registration. It’s possible that the process of registration on a dating site itself antagonizes them, and, also, thoughts that a stranger will take possession of information about them.


However, in actual fact, everything is the opposite, it’s just necessary to form an understanding of what a site without registration is. Let’s reason logically, if it is not necessary to register on a site, that means there will be no private area, which a password is necessary for. That completely excludes the possibility of messages between users. But messages are the most important part of any modern dating site.


A board of free dating classifieds


registration on dating services


It is exactly those sites where you won’t have to register. Such sites are similar to usual notices in magazines with the only advantage, they have more convenient search function, flexible structure of dating categories: ”Man searches for a woman”, “Woman searches for a man”, ”Couple searches for man/woman” and other variants, and besides types of dating “For serious relationships”, ”For sex”, ”For friendship and communication”, and all kinds of filters, for example, age filters and so on.


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What women want


I am continuing giving you love making advice. Today on television the movie “What women want” will be shown. That movie is very funny, touching, and it raises many questions and gives the only answer. That answer is; a woman WANTS.

The question “WHAT” is very secondary. It’s just for formality.

A woman WANTS and that’s all.

Why does a woman suffer? Life shows, that a woman suffers when she can’t WANT. Cause until she wants, she lives.

Whatever happens with her, whichever losses she experiences, she doesn’t depend on misfortune and sufferings, until she WANTS.  At least to live, or to eat, or a new hairstyle.

A man is a person of action, a woman is object..and subject of desire.

She will never get a pleasure from action not caused by a desire. However, in an action cased by a desire, she beats a man. Even if it’s desire to win a man, it gives a woman superhuman power. If it’s real desire, but not a product of mind or upbringing.

When she finds desire in her soul – real, that is the desire which gives power, a woman can forget about her problems, heredity, inferiority complexes any more. She has already stepped on the way towards happiness.

Telling that, I realize that many of you, dear women, will immediately furrow forehead and begin assiduously search for it, REAL, TRUE. And you’ll suppose, that as from it a way towards happiness begins, and from it miracles begin, then it should be very unusual, unique, great.


There are millions of lost women from this problem – they use very heavy conceptions about career, sedentary thoughts about self-actualization, oppressing reflections about correctness of their actions. A woman drowns, tied to those stone slabs, instead of sailing on waves of her emotions and enjoying the world.

And that is because of the only reason – A WOMAN IDENTIFIES HER DESIRES BY MIND.

That mistake and that inessential action are the reason of her suffering. It’s the main reason causing a refusal from desires and causing a refusal from life (in any sense of this word). Unbearable loneliness, diseases, thoughts about senselessness and pointlessness – that everything will wait the woman, who IDENTIFIES her desires.

Every woman can begin her way towards happiness right now. Every woman can make a little miracle. It’s necessary for it to do…what you want, dear women.

It’s simple and difficult.

It’s difficult to believe, of course, that it’s this way. Cause your mind demand to believe, however it got used to identify.

It waits guarantees, that exactly from fulfillment of a certain immediate desire a way towards happiness, towards a man, and towards love will begin. Lots of women deepen in searching for evidence so much, that they  go away from fulfillment of desires farer and farer, that is from their own happiness and joy.

The most interesting thing is that the desire is very simple. It visited you so often, that you got used to brush away it, as you brush away a fly. It’s possible, that you consider that desire “indecent”. That desire never LOOKS great; it’s always simple, mundane, EVERYDAY. However, it IS great because of the effect, its fulfillment gives.

Remember about simplicity and earthiness of that desire. Cause your mind is ready to be switched on in any moment and begin inventing for you non-existent, however such “bright” and interesting desires. It’s something like skipping naked under moon or swearing in public places. And you begin believing that it’s the hidden, unfulfilled desire, and it will make you happy. And you experience a disappointment again. Cause you do nothing from “found”, and that means it’s from a mind, but not from a heart.

Those disappointments will teach you. You will learn to follow desires – that is to live. There are no universal patterns and keys, however, there is something simple and great –and it’s inside you. It’s a desire to reverse meeting today, it’s a desire immediately, against plans, to wash your head, it’s a desire to make a declaration to the man near you in the bus, that……



Good luck!

ESET: love promotes penetrating of viruses on your computer

Valentine's day, be careful


Specialists of ESET Company warn, that conspirators actively use the Valentine’s Day for spreading viruses.


Writers of viruses often use big informational reasons to increase spreading of virus programs and to increase their profit. Valentine’s Day – holyday for all lovers – becomes such an event annually. As a result of those cyber-attacks, thousands of people lose their money and confidential information, ESET informs.


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Lovers from dating sites

dating married man

Nowadays, dating sites enjoy a great popularity, especially among married men. Cause it’s so easy to form a secret acquaintance with a girl, choosing the most interesting, sexual, and the best from a great number of girls, who’ll agree to date secretly and to spend time with him.

I know very well two girls, who met men via dating sites, if to be exact – met someone’s husbands. Girls are very different, however their situations are very similar. And every time they share their feelings about a topic that there are not enough of unmarried men and all normal men are married, and that it’s so difficult to be with, it seems, a beloved man, however to realize, at the same time, that he is just a lover.

Eugenia is an amazing brunette with a bewitching glance and sexy legs. There are fur, an expensive car, brilliants, and stable trips every season. Such people are usually considered successful in life, however everybody wonders – why is such a woman single?

Watching her photos from the trips you can see, that she’s always lonely, no one saw her in a restaurant with a man. Few people know that her man is not at photos not by chance. The thing is that he is married, and they can’t be noticed together, therefore, they have to avoid concerts, going to the movies and theater, walks and other public events. Everything goes with high caution.

A few years passed in this way. Eugenia is angry with herself, cause she can’t stop that relationship, but a great feeling keeps her with this man.

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Communication via instant messengers or on dating sites – choose yourself!

IM danger

Instant messengers are wonderful programs, and quantity of people using them increases every day. However, despite that, it’s preferable to communicate in them only with well-known people – colleagues, friends, relatives, grandmas (advanced grandmas are not rarity nowadays). It’s better to get new friends using safe tools of communication, thus protecting yourself from all sorts of troubles. Unfamiliar interlocutor can turn not such a good person, as you want him to be, but one from those men, who gets a lot of pleasure spoiling your life and doesn’t give you any peace.

For example, a girl named Lauren, communicating on a dating site with a man, some time later, gave him ID of her yahoo messenger. And he straight away began sending her sad poems, telling about his life problems, about a girl who left him, and telling that all women are whores. Straight away, as Lauren is online, he began sending her a message, as though he had been waiting for the moment when she was online. Soon, Lauren was bored by that unhappy and tiresome man. She banned him in her messenger, however even that didn’t help. He, hadn’t seen her online a couple of days, and understood that he was banned. Then he got a new yahoo messenger IDs and every day sent messages with insults to absolutely innocent Lauren. Some time later she had to change her ID in yahoo messenger. Sad!(((

It had not happen if Lauren would have continued communicating with him on a dating site. She would have understood that she has nothing to do with this man, and she would have just got him in black list or have deleted completely. In this case, most likely, he left her alone and began searching for a new interlocutor.

instant messengers be careful

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Why don’t men want to get married?

find out why men don't get married

The majority of men reluctantly devotes their life to marriage. And although they never confess it, they really are afraid of legalizing officially their relationship with a woman.

Women are very impatient in this question. They are almost certainly ready to walk down the aisle with their intended in the first hours of a relationship. At the same time, a man hasn’t even thought if he was ready to devote the rest years of his life to this woman. If you only knew, how many families could be created, how many blissful souls would love each other, if there was no this hurry. Man’s decision should come consciously. Therefore, it’s better not to hurry growing of true feelings on the stage of date and courting.

Woman’s foresight and mind are not to hurry and not to demand of her desire. A lot of persistent thought without actual answers appears in the man’s mind straight away. What will I feel, when I am  a husband, if my just close girlfriend after a very recent date forces me so much? Is it worth getting married, if my girlfriend is trying to impose me her will? What will happen to our relationship when an heir appears? A man is tormented by paradoxical feeling: love and doubt, desire and anxiety.

There is a reason why men cautiously think about the last, it seems, logical step – an official creating of family. They need time to think unhurriedly over everything. A real man holds the principle: ”Gave promise – fulfill it”. A woman can and, actually, has to help a man to overcome the problem of fear and mistrust. “If will a beloved man become your spouse?” 99 percent depends on you, dear women!

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Women on dating sites

women women on dating sites

There are thousand women’s profiles on dating sites. You need a lot of time to even cursorily see them all. All profiles contain typical questions and reading girl’s answers, we can imagine an image of a girl, her demands which she makes to men and future, which she can give her chosen one.

So, what girls can we find on dating sites? Let’s try to classify them into actual groups, using their demands, mentality, their attitude to sexual life and so on. Let dear women not to be offended by this, cause, without doubt, there are lots of people similar to each other, however, there are total opposites.


Sincere striving for communication is peculiarity of such girls and women. They can talk about abstract, unimportant topics or discuss subjects which are interesting for you both. There is always something to talk about with them, they are truthful and frank in advice, in the most cases they don’t tend to go through unhealthy envy and jealousy. They appreciate mind, reliability and faithfulness in men. They are not against relationships, however, instantly reject hurry and vulgarity in them.


Those are beautiful, attractive, but, often, arrogant and unapproachable girls, who appreciated the true value of their beauty. They wait for a prince on a white horse. Their dreams are filled with hope of woman’s happiness, however, with expensive gifts. Cause she – princess condescend to you. “Appreciate me, give me joy, enjoyment, bliss and show your gratitude with dignity to me, cause I deserve it” – those are typical thoughts of princesses. It’s not a prostitution or sponsorship at all!


Those women don’t conceal their aims and openly tell on dating sites, what they want from men. In relationships with such women the principle works: ”Body-money”. They know their own value, in money equivalent, don’t demand from a man long courting, compliments, flowers, gifts. However, in her heart of hearts, every woman dreams about the only man, who can sincerely love, protect, extol her virtues.

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Why do young girls choose married men?

girls choose married men

Many girls encounter with such a thing: they experience feeling to married men. The most part of them experiences this moment of their life quietly and continues a normal life, get married and give birth to children. Another part drags out those relationships for a long time. So, why do young girls prefer married men?

Firstly, age of a married man emphasizes his seriousness. Many girls would like to see a father in their first man, and there is no better candidacy than an adult man. Among a great number of adult men, married men are the most attractive.

Secondly, those are men, who have found their place in life. It’s wrong opinion that girls are attracted only by their money. However, men, who made it as a success person, would be higher priority.

Thirdly, such relationships usually are accompanied by rivalry. For example, if a married man chose a girl between his wife and the girl, that will give the girl a reason to love herself very much.

Fourthly, since a couple has to conceal their dates and public appearance, relationships of this type are distinguished by heightened intrigue, especially in the very beginning of a relationship. It creates a special pleasant atmosphere.

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Why do we need new affairs?

picture about dating

Modern life doesn’t give time to modern people for dating in real life. What to do, in order to find an interlocutor or a soul mate? Where to search for him or her? How to form an affair? What to begin a conversation from? Stereotype of behavior, criterions of relationships, ways of dating changed in the root. And a rapid technological century proposes a way out from the situation: it’s dating sites with easy and comprehensible communication and amazingly large opportunities.

Ok. We have made a decision, and lots of photos and profiles of suitors flash in front of our glance. New questions appear: “Whom do we search for and whom to choose? What aim do we pursue?

Some guests of a dating service haven’t just had enough of communication. A modern person is limited by home, job, and visits to old friends. That makes our life grey, boring and uninteresting. We want to relax. We want novelty. Dating sites propose a lot of interesting interlocutors. And it’s not trouble that such communication often doesn’t go out of bounds of virtual communication, but then life gets new colors and unforgettable impressions.

Another group of members is attracted not so much by gripping conversations and intellect of an interlocutor, as thirst of sex adventures with exciting and bright feelings. There are an exemplary husband, a good work, children, faithful friends of childhood, but there is no highlight in a relationship of spouses. Tiredness and heaviness of married life with its daily duties reign in their soul. A choice between a frank talk with a husband with unpredictable consequences and a new affair, as a rule, falls in favor of the last. It’s interesting, absorbing, and, the main thing, secret and it obliges to nothing.

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First date safety tips

I wrote about it, however, I have new thoughts and wanna share them with you. Ok. Let’s get started.

safety on a first date

Some time later after your first messages you understand, that virtual communication is not enough, and it’s time to date in real life. Future of your relationship will depend exactly on this date, so think about this date seriously.

Don’t agree, if your interlocutor offers to meet on the street and just to look at each other and by sight value each other. That shows that he doesn’t rely on a serious relationship. Don’t agree if he offers to date in some flat or hotel. However, if you rely on such a date, then spending time in the hotel is preferable than a date in the flat. It’s possible that your new friend will want to call you to trip in his car, it may sound very cool, however, it’s not worth forgetting that you don’t know behavior of that man and what he is in real life. A café is a very good place for a date. There, in an informal situation, you can have a chat and learn enough each other. It’s necessary to notice, that alcohol on the first date is not a good idea. Drinking alcohol, you won’t show yourself with the best side, on the contrary, in the end, you hinder yourself to spend time really nice.

it's necessary to remember about safety on a first date

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