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ESET: love promotes penetrating of viruses on your computer

Valentine's day, be careful


Specialists of ESET Company warn, that conspirators actively use the Valentine’s Day for spreading viruses.


Writers of viruses often use big informational reasons to increase spreading of virus programs and to increase their profit. Valentine’s Day – holyday for all lovers – becomes such an event annually. As a result of those cyber-attacks, thousands of people lose their money and confidential information, ESET informs.


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Communication via instant messengers or on dating sites – choose yourself!

IM danger

Instant messengers are wonderful programs, and quantity of people using them increases every day. However, despite that, it’s preferable to communicate in them only with well-known people – colleagues, friends, relatives, grandmas (advanced grandmas are not rarity nowadays). It’s better to get new friends using safe tools of communication, thus protecting yourself from all sorts of troubles. Unfamiliar interlocutor can turn not such a good person, as you want him to be, but one from those men, who gets a lot of pleasure spoiling your life and doesn’t give you any peace.

For example, a girl named Lauren, communicating on a dating site with a man, some time later, gave him ID of her yahoo messenger. And he straight away began sending her sad poems, telling about his life problems, about a girl who left him, and telling that all women are whores. Straight away, as Lauren is online, he began sending her a message, as though he had been waiting for the moment when she was online. Soon, Lauren was bored by that unhappy and tiresome man. She banned him in her messenger, however even that didn’t help. He, hadn’t seen her online a couple of days, and understood that he was banned. Then he got a new yahoo messenger IDs and every day sent messages with insults to absolutely innocent Lauren. Some time later she had to change her ID in yahoo messenger. Sad!(((

It had not happen if Lauren would have continued communicating with him on a dating site. She would have understood that she has nothing to do with this man, and she would have just got him in black list or have deleted completely. In this case, most likely, he left her alone and began searching for a new interlocutor.

instant messengers be careful

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First date safety tips

I wrote about it, however, I have new thoughts and wanna share them with you. Ok. Let’s get started.

safety on a first date

Some time later after your first messages you understand, that virtual communication is not enough, and it’s time to date in real life. Future of your relationship will depend exactly on this date, so think about this date seriously.

Don’t agree, if your interlocutor offers to meet on the street and just to look at each other and by sight value each other. That shows that he doesn’t rely on a serious relationship. Don’t agree if he offers to date in some flat or hotel. However, if you rely on such a date, then spending time in the hotel is preferable than a date in the flat. It’s possible that your new friend will want to call you to trip in his car, it may sound very cool, however, it’s not worth forgetting that you don’t know behavior of that man and what he is in real life. A café is a very good place for a date. There, in an informal situation, you can have a chat and learn enough each other. It’s necessary to notice, that alcohol on the first date is not a good idea. Drinking alcohol, you won’t show yourself with the best side, on the contrary, in the end, you hinder yourself to spend time really nice.

it's necessary to remember about safety on a first date

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Online Dating is dangerous. How to avoid problems.

Safety, be careful


The internet gives the illusion of anonymity and safety, however, if to be imprudent, it’s possible to lose incognito and become a victim of pursuit from some psycho. So, don’t forget common sense in order tragedy not to happen.

The following advice will help you to avoid unpleasant consequences of online dating:


Don’t call your name

Until you just begin learning people, don’t use your real name, the main e-mail addresses, own website or home addresses. The majority of users on websites have the same aims as you have, however, some of them have different purposes. Pen-pals shouldn’t know who you are, until you feel comfortable with them. If someone intimidates you in order to get your personal information before you are ready to tell it to him or to her, it’s better to stop communicating with that person.


Watch consistency

Pay attention to stories of people whom you communicate with. Notice if facts change (age, work, education and other information). Cause it’s possible that you are deceived. If you are on your guard, you’ll avoid inessential problems.


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